Here’s What (I’m obsessed with right now)

When I love something, I LOVE it. Like, tell everyone I know about it. Talk incessantly about it. Post about it on social media. Here’s what I’m crazy about right now …

CLOSET SHOPPING!!!! Okay, I don’t mean picking out an outfit from what you’ve already got in rotation. I’m talking about going WAY back in the archives to pull something out that hasn’t seen the light of day in quite a while. Still confused? Let me paint the picture for you …

So, I had plans to attend a lingerie shower for a good friend, and I wanted to change up some accessories. Namely, my handbag. So, rather than running out and buying something brand new, I opted to look through what I already had. And man, did I hit the jackpot!! I found exactly what I was looking for, and MORE! I accidentally got all kinds of new stuff, and it didn’t cost a penny! Seriously, I racked up on some seriously cool shit!

I found THREE new handbag options for the summer and about a million more for fall/winter. I found a super sweet pair of Christian Dior sunnies that I bought no less than 10 years ago (back when I had more money than sense), as well as a really pretty coffee cup than Anthropologie mistakenly sent me (and didn’t want back) about five years ago. What?!? Yep. I hit the jackpot.

These days, my little family and I are existing on one full-time income and whatever I make in freelance dough. In other words, we have to watch what we spend pretty closely. How cool is it to re-discover some well-loved items that you already have?!? If nothing else, it’s a glorious trip down memory lane. And a reminder that while cleaning out your closet is a good thing, make sure you hang on to those really special pieces. You’ll thank yourself later. 😉

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