Here’s What (I’m obsessed with right now)

When I love something, I LOVE it. Like, tell everyone I know about it. Talk incessantly about it. Post about it on social media. Here’s what I’m crazy about right now …

HAND CREAM!!! My hands can always use some TLC (and no, I’m not talking about the 90’s girl group, but who else here knows the rap from ‘Waterfalls’ backwards and forwards?) because I’m a hand washing and dish washing fool. And while that’s good hygiene, it’s an absolute killer on the hands.

One that I really love and had kind of been neglecting to use recently is the Shea Cashmere Hand Cream from Bath & Body Works. It smells kind of vanilla-ish and has a velvety texture. I even made the trek out to get some more this weekend. I know that this one isn’t the most natural or organic, but it’s just so good, I almost don’t care. It’s got some serious shea butter happening, but isn’t greasy at all. It glides on like a dream. Give this one a shot. I promise your hands (and your nose) will absolutely love it.


Another that I’m absolutely nuts for is Aveda’s Hand Relief, and it is THE BOMB, y’all. This is more of all-natural, botanical based product. Aveda stuff is really great, and this hand cream is NO exception. It’s intensely moisturizing and super long-lasting. I only have to re-apply every third or so hand washing … say what?!? Upon a little more research, I recently learned that the Hand Relief is available in Shampure aroma. What is Shampure scent? Oh, only the greatest smell ever. It literally smells like sunshine. No joke. Looking for gift ideas for your old pal Jess? Maybe a tube of Aveda Hand Relief in Shampure aroma … 😉 This is great all year round, but it’s a must for the winter months in my house.


Let’s make a point to pamper our hands this week. Go and get a manicure and some super creamy hand lotion. I promise, you’ll feel like a million bucks. 😉

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