One FabFitFun Summer

This summer … what can I say about it … it’s been hot (UNBELIEVABLY hot, still is, in fact), it’s been tough (more on that a little later), and it’s been LONG. But, the new school year is upon us, marking the end of the summer. In short, I’ve taken a brief sabbatical this summer for a couple of reasons: mostly, because my beloved puppy dog passed unexpectedly in June. I just wasn’t in a ‘bloggy’ place, if you know what I mean. So, I took the time to finish ALL of my fitness instructor certifications, focus on learning the ropes in terms of instructing, and put myself in the position to bring my blog readers some super cool stuff. While those things are going to be a never-ending work-in-progress, I feel pretty confident that I’m in a good enough place to share those things with you all!

First off, I completed my group exercise certification in June and I immediately began teaching warmups, cool downs, and a few endurance songs here and there with an instructor who has TOTALLY taken me under his wing. In fact, I’m teaching about six tracks during the middle of class this coming Saturday. He’s hooking me up with an opportunity to improve my rookie status before I actually get a job teaching my own class. Pretty cool, right? So far, the best thing about instructing is being in charge of the music. I know, I’m a complete music snob, but choosing cool, unexpected songs that I absolutely adore has been such a fun challenge. The class participants have been super supportive and have given me awesome feedback. A few have even asked me when they can take MY class. All in due time, spinners. All in due time.

Okay, now on to the cool stuff! Have you all heard of the FabFitFun box? It’s a seasonal subscription service that sends you FULL-SIZE health and beauty products, fitness equipment, gift cards, coupons, and so much more. I had been seeing and hearing about it for months now. I never subscribed because I’m not really into the subscription box trend, but I was always drawn to the rad stuff that I kept seeing in pictures and on social media. My sister is a subscriber and I would always drool at all the awesome things that came in her seasonal box. She and I talked about it all the time and she would try to convince me to subscribe. Fast forward a few months later and an opportunity arose for me to partner with FabFitFun, and man, am I ever glad that I have! This is THE BOX to end all subscription boxes. And through my partnership with them, I can offer y’all discounts, contests, free products, etc. Sounds awesome, right??

I received my Welcome Box (which is way smaller than the seasonal boxes) just because I was NOT going to partner with these folks if I didn’t believe in the product. Dudes, this thing is AWESOME. I got some kickass earbuds, retinol eye serum, leave-in conditioner, nail polish, a 14K rose gold heart necklace (it’s so much cuter than it sounds, trust me), a killer jump rope, a $25 gift card to Shoptiques, and SOOOOO much more! $315 worth of products to be more specific. WHAT?!?

It was like Christmas morning for me when my box arrived. It was wonderful to be surprised with a ton of things that I loved at first sight. How often does that happen in a world of 24-hour adulting? This thing is a treat. It’s time to treat yo’self to the FabFitFun box. You get these super badass boxes four times a year. For $49.99 per seasonal box, it’s a deal.

Wanna get $10 off your first box? Use coupon code AFFILIATE10 when you head over to FFF. No lie, it’ll make your day four times a year. Long story short, I love this thing and I KNOW you will too.

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